Everything You Need To Know About Meet & Greets

10 sets of passes are given out per eligible show. Once these 10 sets of passes have been claimed, the meet and greet will be considered full. Each set of passes will allow two (2) people admittance to the Meet & Greet. Each person attending the meet and greet (including children) must have a pass in order to attend.

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed unless both parent and child each have a pass.

Meet & Greet passes are NOT tickets to the show. You must purchase show tickets separately.

Meet & Greet passes are non-transferrable under any circumstance and may only be used by the person who wins it. IDs will be checked at both the box office and the meet and greet entrance to ensure that passes are not being shared.

Passes are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Approximately 2 days before the show, members will be notified via email and their Meet & Greet Status will change from 'PENDING" to 'WINNER'.

It is important to only enter for shows you have tickets to. If you enter for the wrong show accidentally or change your mind, you can cancel your entry by clicking the X next to that date on the Meet & Greet Page - as long as your status is still 'PENDING.' Due to this feature, we are not responsible for loss of meet & greet number if you sign up for a show you won't be attending.

Will call for passes pickup and no refunds or transfers. Most meet & greets are 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to Dustin's set. You will receive further instructions at the venue.

Members of the Stay Country Club are eligible for 1 set of Meet & Greet passes per calendar year.

Once you have been awarded a set of 2 passes, you will not be eligible to receive another pass until the next calendar year.

Multiple memberships are not permitted as a method of gaining extra Meet & Greets. Any member found in violation of this term will be removed from the meet & greet list.

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions about the Meet and Greet rules.